Time Based Media Project: Experimental Appropriation Video

 Are you a consumer? What have you consumed today? Whether it be the water from your faucet or the energy lighting up your computer screen right now, there is little doubt we all constantly consume a myriad of products -- both natural and manufactured -- and great amounts of energy. Consumption is very closely tied to our existence and survival as humans. But are you an over-consumer? How does contemporary art address the idea of consumption? How do artists question commonly held assumptions about commerce, mass media, and consumer society?

DESCRIPTION: We will use this project as a way to introduce the many available ways to take what you need from the world as well as ways of manipulating this raw material. By using a limited set of appropriated footage you should focus on your own abilities to make decisions. These decisions are what vocalize your aesthetic uniqueness. How can this be done with appropriated material? How do the ideas of juxtaposition, harmony, inference, and tone affect your durational projects? These materials will have an origin. How obvious do you want this origin to be? How can you dislocate appropriated videos? How can you quote their previous form? How can you contextualize this found footage in a way that provides more thought or insight than was already present?