Time Based Media Project: Small Group Video

OBJECTIVES: Create a short non-narrative video with video clips and still images from everyday objects, sounds, images, texts, actions, habits, or activities. Make a short video( 3-5min) by compiling individually filmed gestures( each group member need to contribute at least 1min) and compiling them into a cohesive whole. There is no clear narrative like a story, but all video clips should be connected in conceptually and visually by innovative transitions. Preplanning, storyboards, and group effort will combine to make this first video task richer. Incorporation of four-dimensional principles is required, see project criteria.

DESCRIPTION: Everyday can become art, and art become everyday! Familiar things become unfamiliar things, and unfamiliar things become familiar things! Fluxus is similar in spirit to the earlier art movement of Dada, emphasizing the concept of anti-art and taking jabs at the seriousness of modern art. Fluxus artists used their minimal performances to highlight their perceived connections between everyday objects and art, similarly to Duchamp in pieces such as Fountain. Fluxus art was often presented in "events", which Fluxus member George Brecht defined as "the smallest unit of a situation". The events consisted of a minimal instruction, opening the events to accidents and other unintended effects. Also contributing to the randomness of events was the integration of audience members into the performances, realizing Duchamp's notion of the viewer completing the artwork.