Digital Imaging Project03: creating a social poster in Illustrator

Lust of Decay – Man Must Die – Mortal Decay – Decomposition – Still Life Decay – Putrid Pile – De- cay of Salvation – Garden of Decay – Artery Eruption.....sound familiar? Decay's popularity among heavy metal circles, along with depravity, apocalypse, nuclear annihila- tion, and environmental devastation, is a hallmark of today's popular culture. Of course artists too are mining the ultimate destruction of life as we know it in their studios. At the library look at artworks engaged in the traditions of Memento Mori and Vanitas.
Create an image, a vanitas or memento mori that symbolizes the brevity of life, human, plant, animal, celestial, etc. Using the language of the vanitas work with still life objects that you have photographed, or scanned, or otherwise taken ownership of, and create a still life that expresses your particular point of view.

Create a series of images to present the process of decay. No limitation of size, medium and presentation. ( digital collage, poster, photography, animation, video, installation, and performance) Combine photography and scanning into the creation of an image using Photoshop and Illustrator.
One of the challenges of digital image making is to give your work a texture and feel that relates to the physical world. Begin taking images and collecting objects that reflect the idea of decay/age/decompo- sition in your process book. Talk with your peers, and brainstorm based on what you've learned so far about different ways of digitally capturing your objects. Begin collecting images that reflect the idea of decay/age/decomposition for use in the final image.