Digital Imaging Project03: creating a social poster in Illustrator

Human brains have been known to defend against this state by conjuring hallucinations. Like brains, functional ecosystems thrive on diversity. Biodiversity entails many species interacting in multiple and complex ways. The United Nations Environment Program's Global Biodiversity assess- ment states that of its working figure of 13 million species on planet earth, only 13% have been scientifi- cally described! How can you, as an artist, engage with the issue of diversity, it's role in your life, or your world, in your artwork?

Using a digital camera, photograph images and import into Adobe Illustrator, using images and text create an 11" X 17" composition, 300 dpi, exploring the concept of diversity.
1)Taboo: Taboos represent unwritten social rules that constrain human behavior.For example, there is a taboo in India against eating cattle, what taboos can you think of in your life?Create a concept map to explore the breadth of the taboo as well as the origins or reasons for such a taboo. Use your concept map as a starting and create a work of art about a cultural taboo that either increases or decreases diver- sity.
2)Adatability: Transferring members of a species from one locale to another will decrease diversity if the new comers out-compete indigenous life forms and increase diversity if they coexist with indig- enous life.(The air-potato and Europeans as they colonized America come to mind).Create an artwork that documents a change in diversity or a potential change in diversity due to the introduction of some- thing new...plant...animal....other?
3)Dependency: The benefits of bio diversity apply to resources as well as genetics.For example, depend- ing on a narrow range of resources jeopardizes a species ability to adapt to environmental change.The bison's dependency on a tall prairie grass, and the red-cockaded woodpecker dependency on an old growth pine in Florida for it's nesting habitat are examples of dependency on a narrow range of resourc- es.Create an artwork that explores issues of diversity, dependencyand adaptability