Digital Imaging Project01: Digital Collage in Photoshop

Student will examine desire or aversion as the subject matter and form of art through the development of an image using the scanner as an art making tool and finishing the image construction in Adobe Photoshop.

Create 9"x15" CMYK 300dpi PSD digital collage using scanner. What do you want to do right now? Sleep, yawn, scratch, eat or leave the room? Do your desires politely wait their turn for fulfillment, or do some bullies impose their wills upon your actions and monopolize your attention? Positive and Negative urges are inherent to animals and plants. Biologists use the term 'tropism' to refer to an organism's involuntary response to a stimulus. For example, cold-blooded reptiles seek sunny ledges; this positive phototropism enables them to warm themselves. Is desire....positive or negative tropisms....something humans or more specifically you can control?