Digital Imaging Project04: digital book making, photo collage and text

OBJECTIVES: Create an image (or series) that explores the multi-faceted nature of your identity. Although we usually think of identity as a singular concept, we are shaped by many different external factors. Consider what is inconsistent about your identity. What aspects of your thoughts and actions don't fit into a neat category? Here are some questions to consider: What cultural spheres are you included in? What cultural spheres are you excluded from?

1. Think about what constitutes your identity.
2. Write about your personal history, where you grew up, what subcultures you had, who your educators were and what your parents did for living…
3. When are times when you felt included in a group with similar ideas/interests? When are times when you felt excluded or alienated from those around you?
4. Investigate on "who I am" "where I am belong" "where I am not belong"
5. Write a proposal of project 4 with concept, process, research, related artists.
5. Create experimental images, which can present/emphasize/confuse/change your identity.
6. Present your identity in a form of book ( digital print book, handmade book, photo collage, text)