Digital Imaging Project03: Digital Photography + Imaging Adjusting

OBJECTIVES: Explore the relationship of nature and culture, including the submission of wilderness to civilization, the understanding of architecture and environment, and our relationship to the indoor and outdoor space.

DESCRIPTION: Create a series of line drawing presening your memories.
Exploring campus in University of Florida.Find 2 contrasting places in the UF.
Where are natural places? Where are non-natural places? Where are private places? Where are public places? Where are isolated places? Where are communicative places? Where are active places? Where are inactive places? Where are familiar places? Where are exotic places? Where are traditional places? Where are new/contemporary places? Ask questions to understand the place. Where is the boundary to decide between two places? What is the most distinguishing feature in each place? What is the purpose or goal of each place? What is the essential quality of each place? How do people react each place? How do you explain/compare/contrast 2 places in terms of physical and psychological quality?