TRAPPED IN BEAUTY (collaboration of Hye Young Kim & Seoha Min)
wearable art with augmented reality (AR) app, 2017

TRAPPED IN BEAUTY is a wearable art with an augmented reality (AR) app for interactivity. We are being judged by how we look and how we dress every day. The judgement by physical appearance is often superficial assumption based on stereotypes of beauty in a society. However, we are obsessed in our appearance because it manipulates our perception on who we really are. In this regard, we attempted to communicate how perception of our appearances affects our identity, confidence, and self-esteem through this work. This work is composed of a black dress attached with patches of various lip shapes, which are visual targets recognized by the AR app. If audiences see the lip shapes with the AR app through their mobile devices, the lips start to speak about how I am pretty or how I am ugly with monologue voices. This work expects viewers to have open dialogues about how we judge on appearance of ours and others.