2014 Bomberman
Interactive game wth Unity, collaboration by Hye Young Kim and Tohm Judson
Playing Game(click the link below, please install unity player when popup asks)


Bomberman 2014 is a critical game to question what you will do when you have a bomb at your hand. It is a question about potential violence as human nature. This game is inspired from Bomberman, which is a strategic, maze-based old video game to complete the levels by placing bombs in order to kill enemies and destroy obstacles. In the Bomberman 2014, a player becomes a bomberman with one bomb and one life, who makes decision and is responsible for all consequences. After exploding a bomb, the player dies, kills and injures other people. In this game, “winning” can be ultimately losing and “losing” can be ultimately winning. The Bomberman 2014 uses 5 maps referred to 5 geographical locations of bomb explosions in 20 years, which are Boston in 2013, London in 2005, Mumbai in 2008, Oklahoma in 1995, and Madrid in 2004. Each map has its own music, which refers to each location or country. After exploding a bomb in each map, it shows how many people were died and injured from the explosion. When a player decides not to kill people in the street but to communicate with them, he/she can feel a sense of daily life and geographical locations. This is the moment to connect the Bomberman 2014 to recent bombings in major cities around the world, which reflect our brutal and violent reality. This game is to suggest active dialogue about violence as a tangible and urgent issue through questioning justice and violence, hero and terrorist, and neighbor and enemy.