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2011 time of rock
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TIME OF ROCK_geological time
installation of a Florida limestone, the sand the rock with 30 hours sanding, 2011

I am interested in experiencing the time of rock as a continuously transforming process in geological time to bring new perspective of time into my busy daily life. I chose a Florida limestone, which has smell of sea by containing sea minerals and shells, because the Florida peninsula is a limestone plateau made in a warm and shallow sea. I, 30 years old, concentrated only to sand a Florida limestone, 60 million years old, with sand papers by listening to the rock in 30 hours. With the physical and sensorial communication between the rock and me, I made the time of rock faster and the rock made my time slower. My aim is not completion – the work isn’t a means to an end; there will be no resultant beautiful craft. Even though I became physically tired with the monotonous and repetitive action, I was surprised at my mental state within the work: I was relaxed in the sanding process, I was released from the burden of efficiency, from the pressure to produce. In the installation of “Time of Rock,” I created a private and meditative space by inviting only one visitor each time to experience geological time with sound of sanding rock, and presented coexistence of the sanded rock and the sand from the rock as separate and independent beings through material transformation in time.