2012 can you change my bedroom?
2011 time of rock
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2008 conversation game
CAN YOU CHANGE MY BEDROOM?_Room Change Documentation
one-month daily interview by living my bedroom, which was totally changed in every week by invited friends, 2012

I am interested in my bedroom, the most private and controlled space, because my body is the only active agency to the change of time by doing repetitive daily activities such as eating, washing, studying, watching TV, sleeping and so on. Can you change my bedroom? is a psychological experimentation to perceive private time by inviting friends to change my bedroom in weekend, living in the arrangement in a week, and recording my experience via self-interview before going to bed. Through living in the 4 different arrangements in a month, I had a mixed feeling of intimacy/separation, comfort/discomfort, familiarity/unfamiliarity and excitement/disorientation. For the installation, I will make invitation cards of Can you change my bedroom? with my name and address, because I want visitors to actively engage my installation to investigate not as passive viewers to see documentation, and to invite visitors as my future friends, who can actually change my bedroom. I will create a private space with a white bed and a white pillow with pillow speaker of my one-month interview without any visual representation, and invite only one visitor each time, so the visitor can enjoy the private time through lying down on the bed, listening to the voice from the pillow, and imaging who she was, how her bedroom was, what she experienced and how will be if it happened in own bedroom.