Interactive installation/performance, collaboration with Tohm Judson
Unity(Game), Blender(3D modeling) and Dropcam(documentation)
Official Project Website(for game): http://www.canyouchangemybedroom.info
“Can You Change My Bedroom?” in Rockville is a psychological endurance experiment by blurring the boundaries between virtual and real space by people’s creative participation and artist’s physical labor. This is an interactive installation/performance project that was live from July 4 to 26, 2015 at VisArts in Rockville collaborating with Tohm Judson. People were invited to participate in playing the online game, which they could arrange any furniture and object in a virtual bedroom. Based on participants’ arrangements (like a work order), I changed my studio with physical labor every day. People could participate at VisArts or via online, and watch artist’s performance at VisArts or via online live-streaming videos by surveillance cameras. Our ultimate goal is that to transform an artist’s studio from a private/closed space only for the artist to a public/open space for a community with active participation and communication.
Official Project Website(for game): http://www.canyouchangemybedroom.info
How to participate You are invited to play a game of arranging a bedroom. 1. With a mouse, click the furniture (highlighted as green when you mouse over a moveable object) and arrange in any place or position. 2. With your keyboard arrows, navigate around the room. 3. “Display Room Options” will allow you to change certain options. 4. “Reset Scene.” will reset the room. 5. When finished, click “Place Your Order.” Based on your arrangement, an artist will arrange real furniture in a real studio space at VisArts at Rockville from 10am to 4pm from July 4 to 26, 2015. You can watch a live streaming video of transforming the space in this website. Photo evidence will be made on the completion of each order.