10min 33sec, HD video with sound

Violent Desires is composed of two videos titled Pink Desire and Green Desire. Pink Desire presents a girl’s desire to be beautiful like a Barbie doll and remind our horrifying reality that when a girl abuse her body to be like a Barbie doll, she ignores that the beautiful object can be observed, possessed, bought, sold, abused or abandoned. Green Desire represents a woman’s desire to be a virgin again by washing her body like Aphrodite, who is Greek goddess of love and beauty to renew her virginity annually by bathing in the spring on the shores of Cyprus. It exposes unreasonable oppression to women by evaluating female body with virginity through presenting a woman’s absurd desire to have virginity again. By juxtaposing of these two videos presenting female desires by using Barbie dolls, this project emphasizes that desires can be violent, aggressive and even deconstructive. In Pink Desire, the excessive desire for beauty is projected to Barbie’s radical body modification in the process of beating and abusing. In Green Desire, the ridiculous desire for virginity is projected to torturing Barbie by repetitive and radical movements of washing machine to clean her.