BEING A MIRROR I_Hungary, 2014
7 min, single channel HD video
Being A Mirror is a performance video by mimicking 12 artists’ behaviors, attitudes, voices and/or sounds like a mirror. In summer of 2014, when I participated two art residencies in Hungary, SKICC in Dunaújváros and GEBART in Zalaegerszeg, I questioned that how I could understand other artists, which have different background, education, culture, language and personality. I invited 12 artists to just be themselves in 5 minutes and tried to do my best to imitate them by recording with a video camcorder. Through these experimentations, I failed to imitate them perfectly like a real mirror, but I captured that how each person had different gesture or attitude to show who they are through self-reflection images. My intention is to present how other artists reacted differently with their reflection images by teaching Karate, smoking, singing, dancing, hand snapping, playing tongue twister, rubbing feet on the grass, rotating by holding hands, drawing a sun together, sharing a cigarette, sitting and playing with a chair.