21 min, synchronized HD video, 2013
Unfulfilled Desires is a video installation composed of two synchronized high-definition videos titled Unfulfilled Desire I_idiosyncrasy and Unfulfilled Desire II_blindness. The installation captures 'hyper-details' of a tongue performing a pair of tasks: consuming a lollipop with a repetitive licking action, and consuming an unending stream of honey dripping from a sword. Both repetitive tasks represent boundless acts of consumption. By juxtaposing of these two different means of fulfilling desire, it becomes clear that desire will not be fulfilled upon the completion of a task (the case of Unfulfilled Desire I_idiosyncrasy); nor will desire be satiated through infinite supply (in the case of Unfulfilled Desire II_blindness).

In Unfulfilled Desire II_blindness, honey dripping from a sword becomes an object designed to attract the tongue, similar to the way a flower is engineered to attract bees. Here, the color red communicates desire as an intense and reckless force, a force that knows danger, yet persists in tempting fate. In the process of producing the film, the taste of the honey kept changing – moving from pleasantly sweet, to saccharine, to almost bitter. My tongue became insensitive, not only to the sweet taste, but also to the danger of the sword. In the final work, the contrast between the strong and sharp steel of the sword and the soft and vulnerable muscle of the tongue heightens the tension behind the ideas of blind desire and dangerous pleasure.