CAN YOU CHANGE MY BEDROOM?_Room Change Documentation
Video installation with documentation(room change) and self-interview (30days)

“Can You Change My Bedroom?” in Gainesville is a psychological endurance experiment by understanding any sense of control over surroundings in private space such as a bedroom. I am the only active agent in my bedroom by performing my daily activities. How will the conception of private space be changed if I lost control? For this bedroom experiment, I lived in four different rearrangements, which were changed by others in every weekend, and recorded my experience via “self-interview” during 34 days. I engaged with conflicting feelings: intimacy/separation, comfort/discomfort, familiarity/ unfamiliarity and excitement/disorientation. Even though I lived with the same furniture and objects in the same space, I ‘lost’ my only private space, in which I’d had a sense of total control. With this ‘loss’ I became more aware of the existence of the private self. I became aware of how important the maintenance of private space can be to the existence of this self beyond self-consciousness and beyond the prying eyes of others.